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For over 30 Years FC and Sons Roofing has been servicing the Private and Government sectors, utilizing the most modern roofing systems and expert installation in California, Nevada and Arizona.

Commercial and Industrial Roofing Services

FC and Sons Roofing offers cost effective long term solutions to your Commercial and Industrial Roofing needs.
Our professional roofing experts will efficiently expedite your roofing project to completion -on time and within budget with expert project management and attentiveness to detail.

New Construction Roofing | Commercial and Industrial Roofing

We are expert installers of commercial and industrial roof systems and can meet the needs of modern new construction roofing projects of any size.

Re-Roofing and Roofing Restoration | Commercial and Industrial Roofing

FC and Sons Roofing can protect your investment and address your concers and budget with your re-roofing and roof restoration projects.

Commercial and Industrial Roof Inspections | Commercial and Industrial Roofing

Roof, decks and wall inspections with detailed recommendations and budget figures to fit your needs.

Commercial and Industrial Roof Maintenance and Repair | Commercial and Industrial Roofing

We can implement a roof maintenance program to timely repair your roof or waterproofing assembly.

Commercial and Industrial Waterproofing | Commercial and Industrial Roofing

We specialize in the installation of waterproofing systems on concrete, metal, wood and other surfaces

24 Hour Emergency Roof Leak Service and Repair | Commercial and Industrial Roofing

Around the clock 24 Hour Emergency roof leak service and repair for commercial and industrial buildings

FC and Sons Roofing

We have an innovative solution for virtually any industrial and commercial roofing application suited for the advantages of energy efficiency. Our wide range of profiles meet the technical demands of any roofing system installation, from modest commercial to large industrial roofing projects.

Our technical experience and knowledge of the latest roofing products and systems allow you to approach each roofing project with a greater range of possibilities. It is our priority that you can count on us for fast and cost efficient service.

10 Reasons To Work With Us?

Reason 1: — No project is complete until you’re 100% satisfied with the work. We won’t declare a project finished, or leave a job site, until the work is done right and to your satisfaction. No leaks, no mess and every detail in our proposal completed.

Reason 2: — We have 30 years experience and 20 employees with several years experience as roofing mechanics. That means we have the staff and experience to do your job right and still be there to maintain the work when you need us.

Reason 3: — This designation is only given to roofing contractors who set the standard for outstanding craftsmanship and long term quality. That’s just more proof your project is in the right hands.

Reason 4: — We work to ensure the project on your property is completed without delay caused by accidents on the worksite. Safety is a big part of our business. At FC & Sons Roofing we:

» Conduct random safety inspections by our Project Manager
» Conduct random safety inspections by 3rd party safety company
» Employees receive ongoing safety training
» Toolbox talk—10 minute safety discussion on site weekly
» Monthly safety meeting at FC & Sons roofing office
» Quarterly safety committee meeting conducted By FC & Sons Roofing management

Reason 5: — Our supervisors, project managers, safety plans and policies are in place to protect the safety of your staff and prevent damage to your property, inventory and equipment.

Reason 6: — Our Building & Property Assessment provides the details required making an accurate estimate of the cost, materials and labor needed for your project proposal. That means no delays for shortages of supplies and manpower.

Reason 7: — FC & Sons Roofing, Inc. puts quality before growth. Unlike companies moving too fast we don’t sacrifice quality materials, workmanship, hire inexperienced sub-contractors or overbook projects to fund jobs in progress. We concentrate on your project so it’s on time, on budget and done right.

Reason 8: — A large service area covering all of California, Nevada and Arizona. We’re staffed to install and maintain roofs over a large area for the convenience of General Contractors, business owners and facility & property managers.

Reason 9: — After we properly install your roof system to ensure manufacturer warranty we continue to maintain every roofing system we install. With 30 years in business we’ll be here to back up our work after its done.

Reason 10: — We plan and implement your project from start to finish in house. No outsourcing any planning and estimating details that can cause mistakes and lead to project cost over runs.

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  • It is my pleasure to inform you that FC & Sons Roofing Inc. has been selected as the recepient of the MCAS Miramar ROICC office Safety through Awards and Recognition ("STAR") program award...   » Read More

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To earn our customers trust by providing professional, reliable and quality work from the first phone call until the work is complete; reassuring customers that when FC & Sons Roofing, Inc, is called to fulfill their roofing needs, we take care of their roof as if it were our own.